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Issues with Edelbrock E-Force throttle body
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Issues with Edelbrock E-Force throttle body - 10-21-2014

For 40K miles, and the life of my E-Force supercharger install, it has been flawless. Earlier in the summer I started getting the wrench light. The occurrences where this happened is where this story starts getting very strange! The very first time it happened was right next to this pos 711. That morning I had to pump a couple of gallons into the car from that 711 and then in the afternoon when I drove past it...boom...first wrench (or issue with the car for that matter). I chalked it up to the crappy 711 gas. Over the course of the next few months this was a regular occurrence. The wrench light would come on only in certain areas...next to this 711, the Starbucks drive through about 1/2 mile away, or my wifes work...1/2 mile the other way. Nowhere else would this happen! It happened about 99% of the time in these spots. Freakin creepy!!! After looking at the codes, it was throwing the following DTC's: P2105, P2106, P2107.
The wrench would come on only in these 3 particular spots, and only when coming to a stop, or after stop and go movements in the drive through, and only if the engine was up to operating temperature.

So...checked everything over really good in the ETC wiring and all was good...nothing had changed with the car recently either. First I replaced the throttle actuator motor (Dorman 911-102). Same thing still happened. Replaced the TPS sensor with the latest revision from Ford...still happening. Next I replaced the accelerator pedal sensor (entire gas pedal assembly)...same thing keeps happening I get on the interwebs and start searching with my Google-Fu and found a few instances of people having the same codes thrown. Nobody really had an answer for the fix. I found a couple of other people that had an E-Force that had the same codes, so I figured it could be something with the throttle body. When these superchargers first came out, there was a problem with some of the early throttle bodies. Mine was one of the new designs and had been running great for 40K miles. I decided to call Edelbrock to see what they thought. I described the symptoms and they had no problem sending me a replacement throttle body. Their customer service is fantastic!!!

After taking my original throttle body off and comparing it to the replacement...they look identical. Same casting, gears, everything I could see. Well...I slapped the new one on and fired it up. Well...after two days and 6 opportunities for the car to throw the wrench, I'm happy to report no issues so far! All summer there is no way I could go that long without it acting up. I don't know what it was about the original throttle body that decided to act up...it had no binding, the butterfly moved perfectly, and looked identical in every way to the replacement. I shipped the old one back to them and asked them to let me know if they find something wrong with it. I'd love it if they put that throttle body on another car to see if it started acting up on them too. If they happen to find something and let me know, I'll update this thread with the info. Well, just thought I would put this info out there in case somebody runs into the same issue and cant figure it out.

2009 Edelbrock E-Force Supercharged Mustang GT (see garage for mods)
Some vids here

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