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COP engine codes
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COP engine codes - 06-20-2016

Hey all... long time, no see. Hope everyone is well!

I've had an ongoing issue since getting my twin turbo 5.4L 3v running again (after a spun rod bearing). What I see is basically normal AFR on bank 1 (passenger side) and full lean on bank 2 (driver's side). After ruling out exhaust/intake leaks, I consulted Lito and sent him a bunch of logs.

Here is my post from an ongoing thread about the uneven fuel trims on the S197 forum (link here)

After working with Lito, the various rich CELs are likely a side effect of a COP problem. He was looking at the STFTs and saw a telltale reading "stuck" on 1.0499999... which indicates one or more COPs have been shut down to prevent damage to the catalytic converter. What I don't know is if it shuts down fuel as well. My guess is "yes", as while driving, the car is basically at full lean on that side of the engine (per the driver's side AEM wideband).

When I first got the engine back together, I had a P0358 (COP problem, cylinder 8). I have a whole extra set of COPs, so I grabbed one and swapped it. I didn't see the code again. That was weeks before I actually drove it.

Since I changed the cam lockouts from 20* to 0*, the car was running rich. Lito sent me a revised tune which cleaned up the passenger side, but the driver's side was still very lean. I will occasionally get a P0357 (cylinder #8), but not always. However, that side is always lean. I'm not sure what algorithm the PCM uses to set that code, but it may/may not be helpful in troubleshooting.

I've tried moving the COP around, but the code stays P0357. I went ahead and changed all the COPs, but the P0357 code stays on... pretty reliably now. I even changed the plugs (swapped #6 and #7), but the code stays on cylinder 7.

Since there seems to be absolutely zero fuel/spark happening on that side of the engine, I can't really tell if it's one, some, or all COPs. I'm also very curious to see what types of things could cause the COP errors to set. I've checked wiring, but all seems good. I haven't stripped off the sheathing/elec tape, but that may end up being my next step.

Could a bad fuse cause the problem? I did (stupidly, I might add) attempt to ground the COP common wire to the front of the engine without the little square resistor. That blew 3-4 fuses, which I replaced. Maybe something else cooked (eg: relay)?

2005 Legend Lime 5.4L 3v
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Built by me, tuned by Lito! (dyno video)
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