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No , I am wrong there were 4009 95 cobras built. It's not that great of a deal then. I would take your time as those early mustangs are not selling well and have taken a huge beating in the market. If you are not in a hurry shop around.

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firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.firestang70 is kissing Dales ass.
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95 Cobras were 5.0s with 240 bhp. Cobra Rs were 5.8s only in white. I would keep the car you have now. Insurance is much cheaper. Handles better. Performance would be similar to the 01 with just a couple mods. Better chassis,int, a better built car. good luck.

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@firestang70 Thank you. It is a difficult choice because the 6 is my first car but I also want two things 1. A v8 to make a more enjoyable sound and 2. a stick shift (mainly to ensure that the 'rents dont try and take my ride for a pleasure cruise and leave me with the soccer mom van : p). gas mileage is not that much different and if I can trade it in i can hopefully get more money from the 6 than the cobra is worth thus having pocket money for gas, insurance, tuition, or maintenance of the car. But please correct me if im wrong as I have no experience in car buying beyond researching and negotiating a price.
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You can get an 01 cobra for 11k so both of those are over priced. The 01 cobra with a 4v will respond better than the 2v in the gt plus they have the sweet 01-04 cobra seats.

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NADA Older Used Car Guide clean retail value for a 1995 Mustang Cobra Coupe with 37000 miles on it is $9250. I'd buy the Cobra as it would have more potential to appreciate - last of the 5.0's, limited production car etc. 2001 Mustang GT's are nothing special and would have no collector appeal. Buy the Cobra if you can get for a decent price. 11K seems like a lot unless the car is really really exceptional.
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