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Variable clutch throws
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Variable clutch throws - 1 Week Ago

Hey folks,

long time watcher of the forum, first time poster. I'm having a strange clutch issue that I'm not sure how to tackle, and could use some advice.

I bought my first Mustang almost 1 year ago, it's an early 2007 4.0L with a manual transmission. I was told it'd been a winter car in Arizona, and sat in storage for summers for the first 8 years. Shortly after I got the car, I swapped all the fluids, oil, tranny, brake/clutch, coolant, rear end. Most came out pretty much how you'd expect from a low mileage 10 year old car, but the break fluid was especially dark. Replaced with the regular clear dot 3

While doing the break fluid swap, I noticed one of the calipers had seized, so I replaced all 4 to be safe. Also put in a JPC braided clutch line. After bleeding again, the car drove great for about 6 months.

Recently it's developed a weird clutch pedal behavior: sometimes the pedal throw drops to 1/2 or even 1/3 of the normal distance. All of the sudden, without any rhyme or reason as far as I can tell, it'll go from having about 10% free play at the top to suddenly having 50%+ free play. Pumping the clutch returns it back to normal, but takes between 5-30 pumps.

When it does this, the force required to fully press the pedal also increases, almost like it travels 1/2 the distance but takes twice the force. The clutch isn't slipping with the pedal out, and doesn't seem to be rubbing with the pedal in, even when the throw is short.

I re-flushed the brake fluid again yesterday, since the reservoir was no longer clear. The pedal feels slightly smoother, but it's still having the dropping issue. After driving about 20 miles today, I checked the fluid in the reservoir and it's already not as clear as it was last night.

I'm guessing it's either the master cylinder or slave cylinder starting to fail? Or maybe a brake line being corroded and dislodging junk into the fluid, which then gums up master/slave ?

Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on stuff to check before I start replacing thing?
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