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Originally Posted by mystang115
They look very good! Should be able to increase chassis rigidity by a fair amount. I am assuming they will be able to fit an '85 GT? Seeing as you also have a four eye. I am very interested in these if they provide a decent amount of improvement over other aftermarket subframe connectors, you can count me in! Keep up the good work!
These will be a lot more rigid than SFC alone. My last project was an 85 Vert before I pulled the 86 apart. I know that you said you were having problems finding parts for the 85. I can help you with that as well. We carry a complete line of suspension and exhaust products. The 85 I did started as a V6/auto and is now a v8/4bbl/T5 with nice hotrod sounding dual exhaust. The 85/86 is my favorite flavor of late model Mustang in terms of what they look like. I'm stoked about these new parts. We will be able to fit your 85.
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