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Originally Posted by Torch Bearer
Beefy, anyone I know? =)
Hey ...long time no blab. No, I doubt you have even heard of this guy. He is an engineer with some impressive automotive credintials and work history. We will do a bio on him when we do the product launch. If you can't wait, call Sean and get the low down before hand. The parts are about 12 pounds heavier than the KBP setup. Individually (uninstalled) they are much stiffer. I will do the flex testing measurements after I get them installed to give you some percentages of flex reduction over stock. I was hoping to do that this weekend, but it is raining and cold here and the garage space I'm leasing isn't heated. We'll get it done soon. I am excited about the parts. It seems like all the mfgs quit doing product developement on chassis stiffening parts for the Fox/SN95s once the S197s came out. He took some already decent concepts and made them better (in theory...I'll let you know what I really think when I get them under the vert).
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