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This is exactly why my wife and I got the hell out of Florida in August of 2012. We are both native Floridians born and raised in Central Florida. Were it not for family on the Space Coast and in Orlando, we'd never go back

Work to us to Birmingham, AL in 1972 and we returned to Florida in 2001 for work and family issues. We were both in property casualty claims. Charlie, Francis, and Jean in 2004, Wilma in 2005 and Faye in 2008 were all of the Florida fun we could stand. We had the misfortune of living on the barrier islands on the Space Coast (Satellite Beach). We had to pack our crap and evacuate for Francis and Jean. In Faye 24 inches of rain fell on Brevard County in 3 days. We were in back yard in the wind and rain digging a trench to keep water from coming in the house. After Faye passed I spend an entire week in a duffer retirement trailer park located parallel to I-95 totaling flood cars.

I retired late 2010 and the wife retired in early 2011. We were sitting at the breakfast table in early summer of 2012. She looked at me and said she wasn't spending another summer/year in Florida. She was leaving for Birmingham and I could come or stay. If I stayed I'd be by myself. After Mathew last year and Irma this year I've decided that my wife is a very wise woman and now I'm glad she gave me the ultimatum.
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